Alastair McLeod

Business Mentor


Business Doctors is a business support network dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses achieve their vision. We are a team of experienced business people, passionate about sharing our skills and experiences. Our aim is to offer ‘hands-on’ support to business owners enabling them to overcome their individual challenges and helping them achieve their growth ambition. Whilst we operate within the consulting industry we are not traditional consultants. Our approach is different and involves getting into the nuts and bolts of your businesses, providing practical advice every step of the way. Business Doctors has developed and helped turnaround hundreds of companies across a spectrum of industries, allowing business owner/managers to unlock their potential by helping them to work ON rather than IN their business … plus we don’t just coach, we get on the pitch!

Key to success

Becoming a trusted partner of business owners to help deliver their dream


Fitness, Guitar, reading (business and fiction), my family

What does BNI mean to me?

Like an extended sales team giving and receiving referrals




Business Mentor

Power team

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Business Mentoring, Advising, Growth & Transformation Consulting