When it comes to your business, making sure that that you’re making use of the people you connect with to grow your business is quite important. Business networking is what you might need to work on if you want your business to prosper. Having the right business connections with the right or wrong people can actually make or break your small business. To make sure that you get it right, you can use this article to guide you through the process.

With a place like Northampton, making sure that you’re well-connected might help you in growing and sustaining your business. If you feel that you might need some assistance with  networking or if you’re facing related issues in your local business, we have just the tips for you that might come in handy.

Many business people face the problem of being unable to connect to the right people at the right time. Furthermore, even when they do meet people who are potential clients; that too at the right time; they are still unable to convert those into leads.

So, how might you possibly get on top of your business networking?

Select a platform that pays off.

In a town where the opportunities are endless, the biggest priority for you when building your network is the choice of venue or channel. Will you network face to face or take it online? Who are you looking to meet and where do they hang out? The “right” place is the one which has credibility and reliability. This is important because your platform has the power to bring you to your goals by propelling your business agenda. A great idea is to try different platforms and finally select the best option.

This may also include selecting events that will prove to be beneficial for you and your business. Events such as conferences, seminars and meet ups are just as essential as all the other things mentioned before. This is where you network with other people and make contacts which come in handy later. The point isn’t to go to any meeting that comes forth. There are many business group events going on every day. You should be able to select the ones which will benefit you the most.


Keep yourself updated with the market and create a presence

There is no consistency in sales. It is suggested to be well aware about the problems the buyers and consumers are facing. What can be done to fix them? This will not only help them, but help you in your business networking. Your business depends on clients, so you give them what they need or want.

People easily trust you if they know who you are and if your expertise is closely related to what you really do. It makes them want to operate with you and talk about you with others. Networking will create your profile and presence in the market, and if you strive hard enough by going to events and groups, you can be known as the best person to reach in your specific area of work,

Interaction tips that are tried and tested!

Share your experiences and learnt information with other people, especially the ones you network with. This way they tell you their experiences and information too. So, it’s a two-way process in which, through business networking, you get to know new things from those who have experience and expertise in that field.

When someone asks you about your business, instead of giving them with long extensive details, you might just create an interesting overview that takes about 10-30 seconds. This overview should be able to explain your concept, yet make them curious about the details. You can answer all the what, why and how questions by coming up with an attention grabbing phrase.

The purpose of business networking is to be around people who have the same enthusiasm towards similar goals. It is a great thing to do when you’ve just started out and need people to guide you and motivate you by sharing stories, tips and ideas. You might want to make the best use of that positively and enthusiasm and find inspirations.

You might want to start off by initiating a conversation, then smile and look around. You would want to look like you want to have a conversation and that you’re not avoiding contact. Your body language should not be stiff and uninviting. Try to ask others about themselves to spark up the conversation.

Be the presence that people remember. When you call people later, is it best when they remember you because of your personality and because of what you put out there. The aim isn’t to impress the people so that they like you; it’s to impress them so that they’re ready to work with you in the future. To have them contact you for opportunities, make sure that you carry your card because business networking can happen anywhere and you need to be prepared.

Another suggestion to how you can start the conversation by asking them what they do followed by questions which show that you’re interested in their work. You may ask things that go along the lines of something like:  “So, what are the objectives of your company?” or “Is your business only within a certain area?” When you ask these questions, you might want to look like you’re listening to them and show an interest in what they have to say. You might catch something which can help you in the future. When they share a success story or an achievement with you, make sure you appreciate and congratulate them on their success. This builds a feeling of genuineness and empathy.

What you might want to do?

  • Select the right platform
  • Look for the right events
  • Stay updated with market trends
  • Make your presence known
  • Share experiences
  • Share what you know
  • Show interest in the other person’s business
  • Look approachable and kind
  • Do not forget to follow up


I hope these will be useful for you in creating a network that is bound to rise to bigger and bigger business opportunities for you.

About Sam Sayer

Currently leading DeType Ltd, a digital creative agency working with a client base across a wide range of sectors - specialising in web design and branding.

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