Professional Business Networking in Northampton

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Professional Business Networking in Northampton

Meet a network of business professionals in Northamptonshire


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Proactive business networking

Would you like to network with other business professionals across Northamptonshire?

We’d like to welcome you to BNI Pavilion Northampton.

We regularly meet for breakfast with a mix of highly motivated business professionals, from a wide range of sectors and skillsets. There’s something to gain from every meeting – whether it’s introductions to new business opportunities or to offer personal and business development.


How can networking help your business?

There are numerous ways that regular networking can help to not only generate more income, but develop yourself and your business.

Increased revenue

Meet a team of proactive professionals who act as your extended sales team, passing regular referrals

Extended network

Each person in the group has their own network which extends to yours, as well as access to the global BNI network of professionals

Business Development

Whether you’re an established business or just starting out, you can regularly meet with industry specialists for advice and services

Personal Development

Increase your sales skills and confidence with support from the network, as well as opportunities for regular training

…everyone would like more business opportunities, but I found the group had so much more to offer – I used to be uncomfortable speaking in front of a group and driving a ‘sales pitch’, but after a few weeks of support from the other members, my personal confidence grew and I’d received invaluable guidance in my business.

Sam Sayer

DeType – Web Design

Would you like to meet more like-minded business professionals in Northamptonshire?

Details of our meeting

Thursdays 6.45am – 8.30am

Holiday Inn
Bedford Rd

See how networking can benefit you and your business